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Amol Rajan speaks to technology titan, Bill Gates, in a wide-ranging interview. Rajan visits a remote region outside Nairobi, Kenya where Gates is supporting local farms and hospitals, to find out who is the real man behind all that money.

The Microsoft founder, whose zeal and work ethic made him the face of American computing and capitalism, pledged to give away the majority of his billions of dollars through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

His aim is to solve what he feels are the biggest problems facing humanity. But in recent years, Gates has faced controversies too.

In this personal interview, Rajan challenges Gates on some of the issues he has faced over the years head on, as he finds out what motivates the tech mogul. He also explores why conspiracy theorists are obsessed with him and the real price of the power, influence and wealth he possesses.

Alongside his interests in climate change and global health, they discuss his childhood; the impact of having therapy at a young age; what he really thinks of Elon Musk and Donald Trump; the polarisation of US politics; rumours of historic affairs and his greatest fears.

Transmission details will be revealed in due course.

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