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This August, eleven ordinary people face the ultimate test of survival. Dropped, completely ALONE, in the remote wilderness of north-west Canada, each of them have challenged themselves to take part in the most pure and extreme competition on TV - Alone.

Each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools, whilst filming their own adventure. The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins £100,000.

Aged from 19 to 58 years old, these competitors are not die-hard survivalists; they are ordinary people seeking an extraordinary challenge, whose lives have brought them to this moment for different reasons.

Their stories unfold as their time in the wilderness reveals their truest selves. The series is not only a bare-knuckle survival challenge, but also gives an insight into the human spirit against all the odds.


Javed (58), Business Coach and Mentor from Ripon, who only discovered his passion for outdoor adventure in adulthood, after growing up in a family who rarely had the opportunity to spend time outdoors. He now uses his love for extreme sports to coach and mentors individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Mike (49), Joiner and master craftsman from Manchester, who is a self-taught bushcraft expert and lover of all adventures involving nature, having turned his life around, following a struggle with drug addiction in the 80s.

Naomi (26), Clothing Designer from London, who grew up in Coastal Wales, where she developed a love for the outdoors and a passion for bushcraft. As a young mum, Naomi is determined to fill her family’s life with adventure and opportunity.

Louie, (28), Builder from Wallasey, whose motivation to complete this challenge comes from a lifelong desire to take on this ultimate test.

Elise (32), PR Executive from London, whose fascination with historical female explorers has led her to tackle expeditions that follow in their footsteps.

Tom (39), Company Director from Stourbridge, whose love for exploration and adventure has helped him to overcome confidence issues stemming from difficult experiences at school.

Kian (19), from London is the youngest person taking part in this series. A War Studies student and self-confessed survival nerd, Kian has a huge passion for the wilderness, constantly reading and researching the subject, in order to become an expert in the future.

Pip (47), Wild Swimming Coach from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, served 17 years as an Army Officer and became the first female Army Commando, now dedicated to supporting others through outdoor-based activities and experiences.

Alan (43), Forestry Manager and father of two from Birmingham who is autistic, a keen forager and finds solace in the outdoors.

Eva (24), an NHS Project Manager from Leeds, who is fiercely independent and admits being in the outdoors is her happy place, with outdoor pursuits being her favourite tonic to deal with stress or difficulties in her life.

Laura (40), Entrepreneur from Lincolnshire, who gave up her lavish lifestyle when she reached her 30s, in favour of a life of outdoors, fitness and adventure, including rowing the Atlantic.

Alone begins Sunday 06th May at 9pm on Channel 4.


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