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Spring on All 4 is "bursting with gems including the return of hit comedy Derry Girls, drama from Down Under with Married at First Sight Australia, gossip from the SW3 residents in Made in Chelsea and all the action from the tent in the Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C."

All 4 has become the largest commercial broadcaster on-demand player for 16-34s by volume and the opening episode of Derry Girls Series 3 was the most watched episode of any BVOD programme series in the week it launched.

But that’s not all, as there is an abundance of drama, comedy and sitcoms lined up to land across the next month…


The Big Bang Theory All seasons now streaming on All 4 The lives of four socially awkward friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, take a wild turn when they meet the beautiful and free-spirited Penny.

Threesome Now streaming on All 4 David and Siri are a young Swedish couple living in London. They have been together since the last year of high school and convinced of the strength of their love, have defied the norm and settled down together early. But during a drunken night out they meet Camille, a French art student, and at an after party a flirtatious game occurs where the boundaries gradually dissolve. Giving in to unusual impulse, and drunken curiosity, they have a threesome.

Weeds Now streaming on All 4 After the death of her husband, Nancy Botwin sees a lucrative business in dealing marijuana to local clients. But the money comes with its own set of problems.


All 6 Seasons streaming on All 4 from May Connie Britton plays music legend Rayna Jaymes, who reigns as the Queen of Country, but after two decades, her grip on the throne is slipping. Rayna refuses to be steamrolled by her record label as they present a new arrangement. In the face of an evolving industry, she is struggling to adapt and reinvent herself, which she must do if she plans to stay relevant Hayden Panettiere plays Juliette Barnes. Sexy, sassy, and trailing trouble in her wake, she’s also the country’s #1 crossover artist. In her climb to the top, Juliette's public image is threatened by circumstances she struggles to control. And while she is determined to sit on Rayna's throne, Juliette refuses to deal with her difficult past.

The West Wing All seasons return to All 4 in May Go behind the scenes and experience the inner workings of the White House and the Presidential advisors in this drama series with humorous overtones from Emmy® winner John Wells, Emmy® Award and Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin and Emmy® winner Thomas Schlamme. The series sees a sublime cast including Rob Lowe, Stockard Channing, Dulé Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, John Spencer, Bradley Whitford and Martin Sheen, as well as Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, Alan Alda, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jimmy Smits.


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