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UKTV's channel Alibi renew dramas We Hunt Together and Traces each for a second series.

We Hunt Together

Series two will pick up ten months after the dramatic finale, with a potential new accomplice on the scene and another game of obsession, murder and love to get underway. This time the risks are higher, but so are the rewards.

UKTV drama commissioner Philippa Collie Cousins said: "We Hunt Together is special because it examines the motives of the law breakers and the upholders of justice, while entertaining the audience during six thrilling episodes. Once again this will be must see TV for Alibi and an international audience".

Alibi channel director Emma Ayech added:"We Hunt Together has been a standout series this year on Alibi, so we are really pleased to be able to bring our viewers more of this brilliant drama. Gaby Hull cleverly weaves dark humour into incredibly dramatic scenes, so I can't wait to see what this new series has in store."


Series two will continue to delve into the world of forensic science, as the women of SIFA carefully analyse traces of evidence to help get to the bottom of who's behind a series of cruel bombings in Dundee. The city is on edge as the pressure rises to identify the mystery bomber before the next bomb goes off.

Philippa Collie Cousins, said: "I am passionate about delivering the best of crime drama series to Alibi and ensuring they become much loved returners, resonating with UK and global audiences. Traces is ramping up with its hallmark forensic focus, nuanced characters and explosive surprises, it promises to be thought provoking and entertaining. The series is a fantastic piece of storytelling with three creatives at the very top of their game in Nicola, Amelia and Val."

Emma Ayech, added: "We were all thrilled by the success of the first series on Alibi, and it is testament to the incredibly gripping storyline played out by some world class actors. I can't wait to see what the second series has in store and welcome the viewers back into the world of SIFA."

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