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Alexis Conran takes us through some weight loss cost-saving meal plans with the help of the popular kitchen gadget the air fryer, which can bake or fry your food using minimum amounts of oil.

We meet Amy from Manchester who gained weight after her baby Teddy was born. Having managed to diet in the past, she’s hoping the air fryer can help her cook healthy meals for herself and her whole family of five and lead her away from the temptation of afternoon snacking.

Air Fryer cook and author Clare Andrews offers easy recipes for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds, while Dr Emeka Okorocha lifts the lid on why we are what we eat.

Psychologist Serena Simmons offers advised on how stick to healthy eating habits and why diets are wrong, as do an array of celebrities Vanessa Feltz, Christopher Biggins, John Thomson, Jenny Powell and Mark Labbett who share their weight loss journeys and remind us that this oven in a box, the air fryer, is only as good as the food we choose to cook in it.

Air Fryers: The Easy Way To Lose Weight airs Wednesday 28th February at 9pm on Channel 5.


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