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PREVIEW: Ackley Bridge (Series Four), Channel 4

The award-winning school drama series set in a Yorkshire mill town returns to Channel 4 with a brand new format, some fresh faces, and some familiar favourite characters too.

Kayla and Fizza forge a friendship with new boy Johnny, who enrols in their class, ruffling feathers throughout the school. Also joining Year 11 is Tahir, Kaneez's nephew from Manchester. Martin experiences a baptism of fire as acting head teacher and Kayla finds herself at the centre of a cruel prank that goes viral across the school.

The Romany Gypsies are wrongly blamed for robbing the school and an offended Johnny understandably walks out. Martin has problems at home as well as a job interview, but he needs to make things right. Kayla learns more about Johnny and inadvertently enters into a pact.

Fizza goes off the rails when her mother protests against sex education at the school. A visit with her sister to Johnny's site ends in tears and she is reprimanded by Martin. She goes on a date with Gav while Kayla and Johnny get closer.

The whole series is available on All 4, to stream or download for free, following transmission of this episode on Monday 19 April.


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