Here’s a round-up of the latest seven-day consolidated ratings for week 20-26 December 2021. Figures are courtesy of BARB, and include those who watched live and those who watched within a seven-day period on catch-up.

Overall, the BBC’s broadcast of The Queen’s Christmas message was the most watched show of the week with 8,234,293 viewers.

New drama dominated the BBC’s Christmas special. A Very British Scandal launched on Boxing Day with 6,957,215 viewers. On the same day, Around The World In 80 Days began with a back-to-back launch with 5,845,779 and 5,380,032 for its first two episodes respectively. Four-part drama The Girl Before concluded with less than 5m viewers (exact number to be confirmed).

BBC drama staples Death In Paradise and Call The Midwife also broadcast Christmas specials. The former was the second highest rating show of the week with 7,891,110 viewers. The Christmas Day special of Call The Midwife was watched by 7,839,224.

ITV’s Christmas was dominated by soaps. Overall, Coronation Street and Emmerdale held 14 of the top-15 programmes across ITV that week. The highest rating episode of Coronation Street was Wednesday’s earlier showing with 5.5m. Emmerdale’s highest was Wednesday’s with just over 4.8m.

Over on Channel 4, the Christmas special of The Great British Bake Off, which welcomed the cast of It’s A Sin was its highest rating show of the week with 3,722,412 viewers. It was followed by the annual Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, which was watched by 2,819,259. The Greatest Snowman (the snowman building competition – not the film) was watched by just under 1.7m on Christmas Eve.

On Channel 5, the Christmas special of Al Creatures Great And Small was watched by 4,216,872. This was by far the highest rating show for Channel 5 over Christmas. The second highest was Harrods At Christmas with just under 1.8m.

Figures are courtesy of BARB.