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As announced earlier this year, ITV have recommissioned hit gameshow The 1% Club, hosted by Lee Mack and produced by Magnum Media, for a second series. This series was recorded in early July.

Applications have now opened for another recording bloc - filming in February 2023. It has not been announced whether this is a third series, or additional episodes for the second series, which is expected to air in Spring 2023.

The Saturday night show launched ahead of the average for its schedule slot with 3.4 million and a 25 per cent audience share (consolidating to 4m in the first week after its episode one).

The show’s format sees 100 contestants begin every show - but to make it to the end and win the top prize of up to £100,000, contestants must correctly answer a question only 1% of the country would get right.

Contestants of all ages and backgrounds can take part, because, unlike most quizzes, no swotting up on general knowledge is required to do well. Logic and common sense are the key to success.

Lee said: “Delighted to be back. Once again I have been trusted to correctly give away up to one hundred thousand pounds with no mistakes. Good luck, ITV.”

ITV's Satmohan Panesar said: “With its unique combination of Lee Mack's quick wit as the ringmaster and a devilishly engaging format, it’s been great to see the show entertain and confound millions of viewers in equal measure across ITV and ITV Hub. We’re really looking forward to bringing it back for another series and finding more members of the 1% Club.”

Andy Auerbach at Magnum Media said: “We’re delighted that The 1% Club will be back for a second series and we can’t wait to start coming up with more fiendish questions. Good luck, Britain!”

The 1% Club is available on ITV Hub.


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