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We are a TV fan page which posts all the latest TV news, views, previews, ratings and more - and with the occasional exclusive story. 

Our main social channel is Twitter, where posts are scheduled for every half-hour between the times of 7am and 1am every day. We also have an Instagram page which is exclusively used to preview upcoming TV shows, usually a day or two before transmission. Also on Twitter, we post our 'Pick Of The Day' at 8am every morning.


Every Sunday, we post our 'Picks Of The Week', a handful of new or returning programmes which air the following Monday-Friday. Similarly, every Friday we post our 'Picks Of The Weekend', which covers programmes airing every Saturday and Sunday. 

We post the 7-day consolidated ratings when they are released every Monday afternoon/ evening, and the 28-day consolidated ratings every Saturday. These figures are supplied by BARB (unless otherwise stated) and cover the top-15 most watched programmes on each channel within a defined period.

Official news is supplied by the Press Centres of each broadcaster. We may post speculative news, which may be sourced from a tabloid newspaper and/ or website - this will be clearly stated in the article. Any speculative article we post will be based around or specifically linked to a TV show - we do not post speculative articles about a celebrity's or individual's private life. 

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